Tackling Art and Culture For IAS Exams:

Instructions to handle Craftsmanship and Culture segment in IAS

Union Public service commission examination is a highly competitive examination conducted all over India to recruit Civil Servants. The examination levels include two, one is the prelims and the second is the mains. The preliminary examinations consist of objective type papers while the mains consist of nine regular papers. The prelims comprised of two sets which test the candidate’s knowledge on current affairs and “History of India and Indian National Moment”. This paper is an open-ended syllabus which can have anything under the sun and beyond. Art and Culture is a portion of the History of India and Indian National Moment which is considered to be a challenging one in UPSC exams. The results in this paper are what decide the future in the main exam. Easily around sixteen to twenty questions are asked from Art and Culture.

UPSC Civil Services PrelimsThe prelims of the UPSC exams cover almost everything in the world. A planned approach is one that requires cracking the examination. The main Syllabus also includes aspects of Art forms. Therefore if a student will be able to cover these sufficiently, he is sure to clear the examinations. The topics can be furthered divided as Architecture- Stupas, caves and temples, Arts-music, sculptures, paintings dance theatre and much more apart from these there are topics included from religions. Reading about these would help in the main examinations.

Does IAS Coaching Really Help in IAS Exams ?

Before the revamp of the examination structure of prelims, the questions on art and culture were pretty direct. However the questions today require the students to understand the topic with a holistic approach. The present questions also require the students to connect the present with the past. Analyze the options to eliminate the wrong answers. The questions are such that superficial understanding of the subject would never let you even attempt the question.

By hearting, the concepts would never let you answer the questions of today’s NCERT Text Books That Refer For IAS ExamsUPSC examination. The Best IAS Academy will teach you the breakup of each portion. The subject needs to be split into two or three parts. For example, let us consider the dance forms. There are three aspects of dance which is the Natya Nritta and Nritya. After the coverage of the three elements, you should be reading about the navarasas followed by tandava and lasya. These are just the basics after which you could understand about the dance forms. The salient features of the dance forms need to be read in detail of each dance form. After covering these, you should be doing a reading on the contemporary developments of the dance.

NCERT Books Needed For UPSC Preparation

Refer this website to understand the importance of Indian music https://www.culturalindia.net/indian-music/ . The subject as such is suggested to be read from the books of NCERT class six and seven after which class nine and eleven must be understood. After reading these, you can do further reading of the write-ups on the internet and books with details of arts and culture. The website of the Centre for cultural resources and training is a must read as it covers almost the entire syllabus of the UPSC examination.

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